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   Esther, a young woman praised for her virtue and devotion, has been given the opportunity of a lifetime.  When her fundamentalist Christian sect falls on hard times, Esther finds employment at a local health food store to supplement the group’s income.At the store, Esther gets a chance to share her faith with her new manager, Gabriel, a devout skeptic and preacher’s kid.

   The friendship with Gabriel helps Esther determine her human worth while helping to reframe her faith in a whole new light.  Paradise Recovered attempts a modern-day retelling of the parable of the Good Samaritan while addressing hard questions involving faith, tolerance and spiritual abuse in modern culture.

“(2010 Austin Film Festival) Top Five Films to See:  Blue Valentine, The Company Men, Paradise Recovered, 127 Hours and Black Swan”The Daily Texan

“An interesting, enjoyable film fit for the whole family”Marilyn Ferdinand (Ferdy on Films)

“Doesn’t try to answer the question of what sort of life is right so much as finding
the courage to find out for oneself”


Heather (Wallis) del Rio
Dane Seth Hurlburt
Oliver Luke
Andrew Sensenig

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DVD SRP: $24.95
DVD Item #: 7868
DVD UPC: 723952078681
Discs: 1 ; Carton Qty: 30 ; Color ; R/T: TBD ; Genre: Faith-Based Drama
MPAA Rating: Unrated
Order Date: April 2, 2012
Street Date: April 24, 2012
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